anthian Pierre



As a former dental technician, Pierre Anthian reorganized his professional life to better serve his fellow citizens in Laval-des-Rapides for his election to the post of municipal councillor in 2013. He was elected to the party in power at the time, but quit ten months into his mandate as he felt he was becoming too similar to the councillors that had been there before him, councillors which he had spent two and a half year denouncing.

Pierre arrived in Quebec in 1995 as an immigrant born in Algeria and raised in France. He is well-known for having taken 52 homeless people off the streets by founding the Chorale de l’Accueil Bonneau (which he still directs, and is now called Chorale sous les étoiles).

Pierre’s involvement with citizens in need as well as his social innovation granted him the volunteer of the year award from Quebec’s National Assembly and the Ordre National du Mérite from France.

It is through this constant desire to help others that Pierre Anthian joined a new and promising alternative to politics in Laval, Parti Laval. He wanted to be closer to citizens’ concerns and bring together different people from varied backgrounds with the intent of creating a better quality of life in a growing city.

Local Promises

Resolve street parking problems

Use the vacant lot in front of the metro to create an urban space

Protect and refurbish the boisé du Trait-Carré to encourage its use