boudreau Gilles


After a career spanning more than 35 years in accounting, auditing and management with international companies overseas, Gilles Boudreau is now a financial and operational management consultant in Laval. He has revised the city’s financial reports and budgets and determined that there are many ways in which management could be improved and therefore benefit citizens of Laval. Boudreau says he is convinced that the quality of municipal management can be elevated, which would translate to substantial savings for taxpayers.

Over the course of his career, Gilles Boudreau has acquired solid experience in management, particularly in situations where the creation and establishment of start-up or reversal strategies were necessary. He has experience managing projects for the implementation of systems and has developed the ability to simplify and optimize business processes. Boudreau worked at Université Laval as a lecturer and as a financial literacy trainer.

Boudreau survived cancer in 2001 and is the father of two children, both citizens of Laval, as well as being a grandfather to four. He is a full-time tutor to a child born overseas who now speaks French and is adapting well to Quebec’s culture.

Local Promises

Renovate Aréna Lucerne and the Centre communautaire Vimont.

Revitalize and improve the Gare Vimont area.

Preserve and refurbish the boisé de Vimont.