larochelle Claude



With a 30-year career in energy at one of Canada’s largest corporations behind him, Claude is now studying law and urban planning at the University of Montreal. He has lived in Laval for nearly 25 years, is the father of three children and works as a consultant in the retail sector.

“I believe that Laval, its citizens and our children deserve a more beautiful, dynamic and innovative city with more green spaces. Quebec’s third city needs leadership that will allow us to make this vision a reality.”

Local Promises

Allow vehicles to use the westbound lane on Dagenais once more by refurbishing the bike path.

Maximize the use of reserved lanes on Curé-Labelle.

Extend Hortense st. south to the 440 to reduce traffic on Labelle and Edith.

Provide Parc Bergerac with sporting equipment and create active urban paths in Champfleury.