Elected for 4 years, representing our fellow citizens at City Hall.

Parti Laval-Équipe Michel Trottier is well represented by 3 councillors on the municipal council and has been working vigilantly for 4 years to ensure a balance of power, something that has been cruelly withheld from citizens of Laval in the past. Today, we are far more than just the opposition.

Proposals Adopted by City Council :

Warning System

Proposal to implement a warning system to communicate with the population of Laval in real time in case of a catastrophe.

Subsidy for the Elderly

Proposal requiring the elderly to receive their subsidy for at-home support (formerly known as the water tax), irrespective of the size of their home.

Snow Removal Information

Proposal for a pilot project that implements digital signage in schools to make parking easier during winter months.

Junk Food

Proposal to remove junk food from schools.

Place Bell Parking

Proposal to find parking for employees working on the construction of Place Bell to ensure they do not take over residential streets surrounding the metro.

One Birth, One Tree

Proposal for the “One Birth, One Tree” program to be renamed “One Child, One Tree.”

Speed Limit

Proposal for the implementation of speed bumps and other initiatives for decreasing the speed of traffic.

Dogs on a Leash

Proposal to amend law L-10518, allowing dog owners legal access to the areas outlined in article 22D if their dogs are on a leash.

Free Play Streets

Proposal to allow free play on the streets of Laval.


Proposal for the creation of a committee on governance.  

A “Vélo-sympathique” City

Proposal for Laval to adhere to the VILLE VELOSYMPATHIQUE movement.

Snow Removal Fee

Proposal for a snow removal fee proportionate to the amount, in distance, of snow removal required.

An Active City

Proposal that the recommendations in, «À pied, à vélo, ville active» be adopted for the 36 schools targeted by the report in the 2015-2016 school year. Suggestion that the city continue its work with “Sport Laval” in order to complete the plans for all schools in Laval.

Anti-Smoking Law

Proposal to prohibit smoking on property where municipal buildings are located.

Noeudvembre Campaign

Proposal to support the Noeudvembre Campaign through a city-wide day of prostate cancer awareness.

Right of Reply

Proposal to study of the possibility of allowing citizens the right to reply when asking the Mayor questions while council is in session.


Proposal to adopt a speed limit of 40 km/h on the territory of Laval to further develop a sense of cohabitation between cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Distribution of Contracts

Proposal for the creation of a committee to oversee the distribution of contracts.

Proposals refused by council

Winter Parking

Proposal to update the winter parking system by integrating an alternative smart parking system.

Downtown Parking

Proposal to update the parking area around the metro in order to dedicate 100% of the street to residents of the area and their visitors.

Urban Parks

Proposal to build a park on the free lot facing the metro, between the university and Letendre College.

Free Day Camp

Proposal for the city’s day camps to become free for children in need.

Prohibited Parking

Proposal to mark prohibited parking zones around fire hydrants and street corners.

Trait-Carré Woods

Proposal to protect the Trait-Carré woods, last remaining natural area in its neighbourhood, by building an urban park that would reach 55 000 people traveling on foot through the downtown area (metro, cegep, university, college, 2 old folks homes, daycare, shopping centers, numerous homes and condos, etc). More than 2300 citizens provided signatures in favour of this park.

Integrity at City Hall

Proposal to stop publicity and sponsorship at City Hall, both in the building and on the property where the building is located.

Taxation in Installments

Proposal to allow the payment of taxes in several installments.

Inclusive Committees and Administrative Councils

Proposal for the municipal council to create a citizens’ recommendation committee made up of a councillor from each of the parties along with an independent. The goal of this committee would be to recommend to the executive committee citizens they believe are apt to participate in other committees and administrative councils.

Plenary Committee

Proposal for the creation of a plenary committee to ensure transparency between elected officials.

Running Mates

Proposal for mayoral candidates to be allowed a running mate.