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Jacques Roberge has lived in Laval for more than 60 years. He will be campaigning under the banner of Parti Laval-Équipe Michel Trottier in the sector of Renaud. Roberge is deeply involved in his community and campaigned as an independent in 2013 in the district of Marc-Aurèle-Fortin. As an associate in several accounting firms, Roberge has been working in the field of accounting for more than 25 years. He hopes to stimulate commercial development in Laval and create economic stimulus for the whole of the city’s economic activities.

“My goal is to make Laval a city at the forefront of its contemporaries in all sectors. We must ensure that citizens of Laval and their children are proud of their city. I am very proud to share this project with Michel Trottier and the entire Parti Laval team, who convinced me of their progressive and sustainable vision for the development of Laval.”

Local Promises

Improve snow removal on sidewalks and parking schedules

Improve water games in parks and increase public spaces.

Improve safety in our streets and circulation for public transport heading toward metro stations.