lalande Guy



Native of Pont-Viau, Guy Lalande joined the Canadian Armed Forces, then pursued a civil career in telecommunications and operational management with Rogers, Ericsson and Videotron. Guy retired from telecommunications in 2012 and currently works as a housing councillor for the elderly of Laval. He has a keen understanding of the needs of the elderly and is adept at lending them his ear. With a daughter in elementary school, he also understands current educational issues. It is this combination of experiences that will best serve the citizens of Duvernay-Pont-Viau.

Guy has been involved in many Laval organizations as a volunteer. He is currently the leader of the Laval synchronized swimming club and practices different sports such as yoga, downhill skiing, and walking. Guy’s family cares for the health of the environment and owns a completely electric car. Guy supports different initiatives related to health and the environment.

Guy is father to four children and four grand-children, is bilingual, and has a Russian wife. He understands the issues faced by different cultural communities and recent immigrants.

“My father was involved in municipal politics, and I have always followed Laval’s development closely. I have been concerned with the city’s management at certain times, but lately my desire to get involved stems from the fact that I no longer understand the current administration – it reminds me of the administration in charge of the telecommunications sector prior to the crisis of 2001, when all was permitted and expenses were never questioned. Can we manage a city in a way that is respectful of its taxpayers? I believe so – and that is why I am joining Parti Laval-Équipe Michel Trottier with an agenda tailored to the citizens of Duvernay-Pont-Viau.”

Local Promises

Extend the bike path for citizens south of Pont-Viau and Duvernay.

Build a riverside center and offer activities for all seasons.

Develop local markets and support the development of local businesses.